[Clove wine rice nest making method]_How to make_How to make


[Clove wine rice nest making method]_How to make_How to make

For some people, clove wine rice is relatively unfamiliar, but for people who have been fishing for a long time, clove wine rice is very familiar, because many people use the clove wine rice to seduce small fish when fishing.It can also be said that this is a kind of bait that can attract small fish to hook.

The ingredients of clove wine rice nest can also be made at home, and the production method is relatively simple.


Cinnamon rice wine is the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for brewing traditional Chinese medicine wine fishing additives. Because of its scent and aroma, it is more attractive to fish. It is often used by fishermen to make small fishing medicines.

The medicinal wine brewed with cloves can be added in appropriate amounts during meals, and the second is used to brew nests with clove wine.

The most commonly used fish for catfish fishing is Chinese rice wine, which can be brewed with clove wine.


How to make 50 grams of cloves and make 1 with a bottle of sorghum wine (about 5 kg)?
After 3 months, the wine is almost ready for use when it turns tan.

Smash four pounds of rice, two bottles of commercial millet (red), brewed clove wine, first pour two-thirds of the crushed rice into the bowl, and pour the brewed clove wine into the bowl (usually three or two)Just prepare more than 1 kg of rice.) Stir well, pour the commercial millet, try to turn it evenly, and then pour excess broken rice into a bowl to absorb excess moisture.

Stir until not sticky.

Place the prepared clove rice in a larger bottle.


Other fish do not eat cloves themselves, but just like the taste of cloves.

Clove can emit a flavor of fermented wild fruit wine, which is the main reason to attract fish. The sweet wine we add to the bait or the rice we make all imitate this taste.Ca n’t say it ‘s just fish.

Since the smell of clove is closer to the fruit wine aroma of fermented wild fruit, clove wine or clove oil made with clove is better than any sweet wine and rice wine, and it is also very convenient to use.