[Can lactating mother eat pomegranate]_ postpartum _ can you eat


[Can lactating mother eat pomegranate]_ postpartum _ can you eat

Pomegranate is a fruit with relatively high nutritional value. Many people prefer to eat it. For pregnant women, it is also beneficial to eat some properly. It has not only the role of beauty and beauty, but also a certain antibacterial and antibacterial effectAnd it tastes sweet and sour, can promote appetite and has a good appetizing effect.

Of course, you should also pay attention not to eat too much, it is a food that easily causes constipation.

Can lactating mothers eat pomegranate According to analysis, pomegranate fruits contain 17% carbohydrates, 79% water, and sugar 13?
17%, of which vitamin C is 1% higher than apples?
2 times, and trace, less protein content, the fruit is mainly fresh.

The medicinal value of pomegranate, according to past medical scientists and clinical experience of traditional Chinese medicine, has proved that pomegranate has a variety of functions such as regenerating food, resisting excessive gastric acid, softening blood vessels, stopping diarrhea, detoxifying, and cooling.

You can eat pomegranates during breastfeeding. As long as your baby is not sensitive and does not hurt your stomach, there is basically no taboo.

But if your baby has an adverse reaction, you should pay attention to waiting for your baby to eat such fruits, which varies from baby to baby.

Eating pomegranates in lactating women can not only provide their own nutritional needs, but also help the body recover well.

However, pomegranate is sour. It can cause constipation if you eat too much, so you should not eat too much. Generally you can eat one a day.

In addition, Baoma is very suitable to eat some fruits during breastfeeding, it is best to eat some fruits of mild nature.

Warm fruits include cherries and pomegranates, while flat fruits include apples.

Eat less cold and cold fruits, mainly because cold and cold water will return to milk, or cause problems such as diarrhea in young children.

At the same time, do not eat watermelon, potatoes, tomatoes, crabs with pomegranate.

People with diabetes, stagnation of real heat, urethritis, and constipation should not eat pomegranate.

Benefits of pomegranate1, beauty skin: red pomegranate adds minerals, and has antioxidant ingredients-red pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins, also contains linoleic acid, vitamin C, and calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals, canReplenishes water lost to the skin and has certain effects on beauty.

2. Antibacterial and antibacterial: Pomegranate peel has obvious antibacterial and astringent functions, which can make the intestinal mucosa converge and reduce the secretion of intestinal mucus, so it can effectively treat diarrhea, dysentery, etc.Better inhibitory effect, also has different degrees of inhibition on various skin fungi, pomegranate skin decoction can also inhibit influenza virus.

3. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases Pomegranate contains high levels of antioxidants, which can be used to resist the damaging effects of human inflammation and oxygen free radicals, and has a positive effect on preventing atherosclerosis and slowing the progression of cancer.

4, convergence, astringent intestines: pomegranate acid, contains alkaloids, ursolic acid, etc., has a significant astringent effect, can astringent intestines to stop bleeding, coupled with its good antibacterial effect, so it is used to treat dysentery, diarrhea, blood in the stool andGood products caused by nocturnal emission and prolapse of the anus.

5, hemostasis, eyesight: pomegranate flower tastes sour and flat, if dried in the ground, it has a good hemostatic effect, can also stop red vaginal discharge.

6, deworming and insecticide: pomegranate skin and pomegranate root bark contain pomegranate, which has an anesthetic effect on the parasites of the human body. It is an essential medicine for deworming and killing insects, especially it has a stronger killing effect on pinworms. It can be used forTreatment of worm accumulation abdominal pain, mange and so on.